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31 CFR 1022.380
Juan C. Villa, CAMS, addresses one important topic for foreign MSBs who have clients in the United States.
This new regulation can have a profound impact on the way foreign companies conduct business with their clients in the U.S.A.
This article presents a quick summary of some of the relevant aspects of 1022.380, and it also brings to the table a number of issues which have not been clarified by the government.

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Regulation in Bits and Pieces
A critical opinion from the perspective of an industry that sees continuous changes in regulation which makes federal agencies struggle implementing changes. While this also occurs at state level, the massive effect it has over tens of thousands of MSBs makes this point an essential one: regulators try to match what lawmakers impose, often with a significant delay and with enough confusion and lack of answers that seem to overshadow the intended benefits.

Check Cashing Business in Florida
From the simple notion of cashing checks, to the complex reality of running a check cashing business there is a quantum leap, filled with obstacles and traps that can turn a profitable business idea into an unforeseen expense and plenty of paperwork.
On this article we explore, a grosso modo, the essential elements of a check cashing business in Florida. This quick view provides an idea of what to expect, at the very least, from becoming a check casher on the highly regulated State of Florida.

2015 FinCEN's Miami GTO
Juan C. Villa, AML/CA, CAMS, shares his opinion regarding FinCEN's Geographic Target Order issued on April 2015. The order aims at enhanced notification requirements for 700 businesses in the Doral/MIA/Downtown area who are in the electronics export business.