AML Monitoring

We provide compliance monitoring services to MSBs in South Florida. Running an MSB
business can be complex enough. AMLCSI helps you keep focused on your business by giving you the professional support you need over your compliance operation every month.
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On the bleeding edge of compliance:
Bitcoin and
virtual currencies

A new challenge in the financial frontier has arrived with the concept of virtual currencies.

Our firm is taking up the challenge to bring the right risk management concepts and tools to the technology that will change the landscape of the financial world as we know it.
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Check Cashing License

Check cashing is a lucrative business which is suitable for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain better performance of their cash flow.
We can assist you in obtaining a Check Cashing License in Florida. Our experience in the field help reduce the time for the whole process and we provide you with all the essential elements to start your business with the right compliance tools.
The BSA Independent Review : 2014

As most regulators and banks look closely to independent reviews as means to early diagnostic of potential problems, having a good and current review shows your company's commitment to having strong compliance.

An independent review should be conducted by a knowledgeable individual or team of consultants. The review must focus on essential elements of compliance, but it also look at your operation to determine if your policies and procedures, and the application thereof, is appropriate for your business.

Schedule early. A good independent review usually take several days to complete.
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Confused about the new FinCEN CTR?

While it is under development, we have made available training for the new CTR in our new training site. Simply click on the links below and you will have access to the FinCEN CTR training in both English and Spanish.

"There has been an increasing trend on the pressure of regulators for perfect compliance. The cost of fines for even minor violations has skyrocketed, threatening the survival of small businesses"
2014 Online Training Coming Soon

We are pleased to announce the release of our new e-learning platform with comprehensive Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering Training. This training brings the necessary elements required by the BSA, AML, OFAC, as well as state of Florida specific regulations.

Our complementary basic BSA/AML training is no longer offered. Please register for our Florida Check Cashing Bulletin where we will announce the release date of the new e-learning platform.

Coming Soon
Defense Check
Compliance Software
Fingerprinting - 2014
Were you licensed before 10/2013?

The Office of Financial Regulation issued an advisory (download the PDF here.) related to fingerprinting, applications, and renewals.

According to the advisory, any new applications submited after October 1, 2013, must include fingerprints submitted by LiveScan. A list of authorized vendors where said fingerprintning service can be obtained on this link.

Also, all
responsible persons for licenses issued prior to 10/2013 must submint fingeprints through LiveScan to the OFR.

A unique Due Diligence tool.
Brought to you by DefenseCheck LLC
If one of your priorities to avoid compliance headaches is to track the status and structure of a Florida entity such as corporations or LLCs, the tool you have been wishing for has arrived.
Banks, Credit Unions, Money Services Businesses, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, just to name a few, will benefit from this unique tool, available now. For more information, visit
New WC Form
As part of the State of Florida effort to use Check Cashers to enforce WC laws, we have
published a form to assist Check Cashers. See HERE.